Friday, May 17, 2019

Alt- Right is a Cartoon Character to the (((Media)))

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  1. Alas, my dear DDarko. Such intelligent commentary on the news you had. Is this what you've come to; worried about intermediate shades of skin colors in your fellow men? I looked you up to see if you posted anything on Syria. But you've abandoned YouTube, and isolated yourself as those who frequent 4chan and believe its memes are wont to do, isn't that so? I was as unhappy as you are, until I turned my heart back to Jesus.
    And now, children of God associate without minding skin colors, they fight the good fight together against principalities and powers, while you shadow fight. And they marry before God and they produce children as instructed, loved by their Creator - all of them. Why do you curse what God blesses?
    Peace be with you old mate. Spirit lead you out of this sadness, where you can fight the true good fight not according to your own wisdom, but according to God's who gave you your intelligence in the first place.
    Conquer in ☧
    - A forgotten Catholic YouTube contact (don't want to be mysterious, PM me there for details)

    Related: This is the video that kickstarted me coming home. It's difficult to heed though, I warn you: . It's by a protestant guy, but hey, I can hardly deny that the Spirit's using him. Glory be to God.